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  • Merry Make Ahead

    I love entertaining, but it’s always tricky to find time to make the food. I’m all for supplementing a homemade menu with terrific store-bought items like great cheeses and olives, but it’s also possible to make some items ahead. First,… Read More ›

  • Slow comfort

    Like most people, I use my slow cooker for main courses: chili, beef stew, shredded beef or chicken. But the counter cooker can be a help for other dishes, too. Think about foods that benefit from long unattended cooking, like… Read More ›

  • A Little Time

    Who doesn’t need a little extra time at Thanksgiving? The trick is getting as much done before actual turkey day. You can make the cranberry sauce up to two weeks ahead. Even with my super quick no-cook relish below, having… Read More ›

  • In a Flash

    Mornings and nights are down right chilly, and days can’t be far behind. We’re heading into the season where we crave soups and stews and other foods that warm us from the inside out. The problem is most dishes that… Read More ›

  • Autumn Apples

    We’re in the midst of apple season, and while I love all of the sweet ways to use the fruit — pies, crisps, turnovers — I’m also fond of apple’s savory side. Apples lend themselves to being sautéed then simmered… Read More ›

  • After-School Snackin’

    Here’s a blast from the not-so-distance past: Chocolate Snack Cake. I developed this recipe a few years ago when my nephew, Josh, was coming on my cooking segment on 10TV to be my helper. I wanted something a little less… Read More ›