Great gifts

‘Tis the time of year when folks like to ask me for gift ideas for the foodies in their lives. I’m happy to oblige.

  • Local honey. For a hostess gift or a present for a favorite teacher, what could be sweeter than a bottle of locally-produced honey? Honeyrun Farm out of Williamsport is one of my favorites, but I’m also intrigued with Brad’s Bees out of Marysville. You’ll find them both at Celebrate Local at Easton.Brad's Bees Honey
  • Aprons. It used to be that aprons were these dowdy things that only grandmothers wore. Then they moved into the kitschy gift stage with phrases like “kiss the cook” printed on them. Now they’ve come into their own as stylish elements for those who like to look good while they cook. Check out some of the cute ones at Sur La Table.
  • Immersion blenders. I probably recommend this gadget every year, but I use mine constantly. For whipping up a salad dressing in seconds or pureeing a soup without having to remove it from the pot, you just can’t beat these. They’re available at Williams-Sonoma and other cookware stores.Immersion blenders
  • Kitchen shears. For cutting fresh herbs in the summer, these are ideal. Heavy duty kitchen shears are great for cutting the backbone out of chickens (and opening those impossibly packaged things we always seem to get for gifts for the holidays), too. Look for them anywhere kitchen knives are sold.Kitchen shears
  • Copper cups. For the people on your gift list who have everything, get them a copper mug or two. They’re beautiful and the only appropriate cup for a Moscow Mule. Throw in a bottle of locally-distilled vodka (OYO or Watershed) for fun. The cups are available at Williams-Sonoma.Copper cups
  • Local Beer. Most hipster taste lovers are fans of craft beer, and there has never been a better time for locally-brewed versions. I’m fond of Four String Vanilla Porter — it’s a fun seasonal flavor and comes in cans. Sideswipe’s Coop Looter Saison is a nice Belgian-style brew in a 22-ounce bottle. Elevator’s Bleeding Buckeye Red is ideal for the OSU fan on your list (which is just about everyone). And you can never go wrong Columbus Brewing Company Pale Ale or IPAFour String

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