Quick mix

QuickMix250The name Fleischmann’s is synonymous with breads. In recent years, the company has expanded its attention from yeast to bread mixes, the latest of which is a pretzel mix.

The product works simply: Mix yeast and pretzel mix, add water and oil, let stand then roll, boil and bake. The time savings comes in not having to measure and mix the dry ingredients or proof the yeast.

As promised, it works simply enough. My complaint is the dough is quite dry, so it’s hard to get the dry ingredients evenly moistened. My dough didn’t double in volume in the 25 minutes as the package suggested, and I had trouble with the dough snapping back as I tried to roll it out to be shaped.

The final pretzels were enjoyable enough, however — more soft than chewy, with a pleasant tang from a dunk in a baking soda-laden bath.

I was intrigued by the mix because I wrote a story about homemade pretzels about a year ago. They were labor intensive, if not exactly difficult, but the results were superior. As with the other baking mixes in this Fleischmann’s line, the quickness comes with a reduction in taste and texture. However, I could see using the product again, perhapsĀ making them into pretzel bites or wrapping the dough around hot dogs (and I’d enlist the help of kids who I think would enjoy the process).

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